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Empowerment, Understanding, and Teamwork

WH Physiotherapy & Wellness provides an inclusive, empowering, and collaborative environment for all ages to be heard and supported on their recovery and wellness journey. Registered Physiotherapist, Will Howatt, will work with you one on one to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and confidence  to achieve your personal goals. Physiotherapy should investigate the root cause for your visit, promote and foster healthy movement to fit your lifestyle, and empower you to take control of your health; that’s exactly what we do here.

What we Offer

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Private Treatment Rooms

All appointments are held in a private treatment room for 1 on 1 attention and confidentiality.

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Welcoming Environment

Clients enjoy our welcoming and inclusive team environment.

Initial Assessment Physiotherapist William Howatt and a client

Holistic Approach

We look at your body as a whole to get to the root cause of the issue.

Physiotherapist William Howatt performing a manual therapy technique to a clients neck on the treatment table.

Hands On Care

Hands-on physical therapy is provided by our physiotherapist in-clinic.

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Virtual Care

We offer virtual physio treatments as well for convenient treatment plan options.

Physiotherapist William Howatt overseeing a client perform a split squat on a bosu ball

Self Care

A big part of physio involves home exercises, that’s why we set you up for success with exercises that work for you.

What we treat:

Physiotherapy is used to treat and improve the overall health and function of many areas of the body.

 This is just a brief list of some of the conditions we treat. If you have questions about your specific condition, get in touch. Our physiotherapist will be happy to answer your questions.

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Free Phone

Book a free, 10 minute phone consultation with our physiotherapist, Will Howatt, to discover how he can help you!

Free Phone

Book a free, 10 minute phone consultation with our physiotherapist, Will Howatt, to discover how he can help you!

Online Personal Training

Aside from working as a physiotherapist Will prides himself on offering high quality strength and conditioning programming that is affordable to clients looking for added support in the gym or at home. This service is delivered remotely through an app and plans start for as little as $24.00 a week. 

Interested in learning more? Click HERE for a FREE 15 min discovery call with Will. 

Note: For any new clients an in person assessment is required before starting to work online with Will. Depending on your extended health care benefits this may be eligible for reimbursement.

Some of the benefits of virtual physio include

Physiotherapist William Howatt performing an upper trap neck stretch virtually
Physiotherapist William Howatt performing an upper trap neck stretch virtually

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see your question here?

Get in touch with us via email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

At WH Physiotherapy & Wellness, our physiotherapist, Will, is dedicated to creating an empowering and compassionate environment for your recovery. Will’s empathetic and relatable approach breaks down the common white-coat barrier to provide a more personable and comfortable experience. Holistic diagnosis is also top of mind at WH Physio. We aren’t interested in band-aid treatment, we’re invested in your long-term health and wellness. Will is all about finding the root cause of your visit and getting you back to what you love as soon as possible.

Also known as physical therapy, physiotherapy is a type of health care wherein practitioners assist their patients in regaining their strength, mobility, and overall well being. Physiotherapists look at the body as a whole to determine the root cause of conditions, injuries, and pain. Physiotherapy includes rehabilitation and prehabilitation for primarily musculoskeletal issues, but can also include specialties for specific areas of the body.

While your doctor may refer you for treatment by a physiotherapist, no referral is required to attend physiotherapy.

All patients begin their physiotherapy journey with an initial assessment that lasts 60 minutes. During the assessment, your physiotherapist will utilize a combination of health history and current symptoms to determine a treatment plan. 


Treatments are all appointments following the assessment and include further therapeutic treatment as well as exercise evaluation, guidance, and prescription. Treatments are a duration of 30 minutes.

Though the number of treatment sessions required depends entirely on each individual, physiotherapists always do their part to get you feeling better as soon as possible. That said, physiotherapy needs a team effort for best results. Commitment to completing your exercises as prescribed will optimize the speed of your recovery.

Pre-rehabilitation (aka. prehab or prehabilitation) is a shorter-lived type of physical therapy with different goals than rehabilitation. A preventative form of physiotherapy, it’s used prior to a surgical procedure to improve post-surgical recovery. Prehab can assist post-surgery by limiting severity of atrophy, strengthening movement patterns to minimize lifestyle disruption, increasing the rate at which strength returns to affected muscles, and expediting the success of post-surgical rehabilitation. Additionally, prehabilitation can help reduce the number of post-operative rehab sessions, which could mean an overall reduced cost for the patient.

Yes, if you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle collision (MVC) we can help.

Unless otherwise instructed, aside from ensuring your clothing allows for some movement, you won’t need to bring anything with you. Though, if you feel you have any relevant medical documentation or imaging, you may wish to bring in. Your physiotherapist has everything you’ll need to be treated and practice your exercises. If your appointment is virtual, your physiotherapist will be able to guide you using your environment and its objects to your advantage. For virtual appointments, all you’ll need is enough space to swing your arms (think helicopter) and a device with a camera (cellphone, tablet, laptop, web camera).

We require notice of cancellation 24h or more before the scheduled appointment time. Some extenuating circumstances may be excused at the discretion of the clinic. Otherwise, if 24h notice is not provided, the full fee for the missed appointment will be charged. We ask that you please provide notice as soon as possible so that we may offer treatment during that slot to others in need.

The clinic is wheelchair accessible and offers an accessible parking spot close to the door, a ramp, and an accessible washroom equipped with support bars. If you have any specific accessibility concerns or require accommodation, please get in touch with us via phone or email. We’re happy to assist!

Front desk and waiting area at the clinic.

Accepting new Clients

Want to get started working on your recovery with Will? He is currently accepting new clients and would love to help you achieve your goals and get back to what you love.