Picture of private treatment room at WH Physiotherapy & Wellness. In photo wall art and exercise equipment is visible.

Intro Blog- Will Howatt

Head shot of Will Howatt PhysiotherapistWho Am I?

Hi! My name is William Howatt and I am a Registered Physiotherapist and owner of WH Physiotherapy & Wellness. Currently I am offering Physiotherapy services and am operating out of East Coast Chiropractic, a multidisciplinary clinic in Fredericton, NB. I am a born and raised Frederictonian and have a strong interest in orthopedic rehabilitation (relating to the muscles and bones of the body).

When not in the clinic you can usually find me out running, biking, or walking on our amazing trail system and am a regular at our Boyce Farmers market, what I would consider Fredericton’s special gem!

Why Do I Do What I Do? 

 To simply put it, I have been in your shoes before. Maybe not for the same condition but as a client in Physiotherapy. I was what you would call a frequent flyer! I understand what it feels like to have pain and to experience re-injuries and flare ups. 

That is why I am on a mission to raise the bar of Physiotherapy. I work with my clients 1:1 to find the root cause of their symptoms and work to not only help you feel better but help to prevent future injuries and illnesses. 

Treatment Approach:

I believe in a collaborative care model, where I work closely with you as the client but also the other health care providers involved in your care.

Working out of East Coast Chiropractic I not only get to work closely alongside amazing Chiropractors but also a Licensed Counselling Therapist and Registered Nurse & Lactation Consultant. 

What To Expect:

This blog will have a strong focus on common ailments and injuries that I regularly treat, you will get lots of FREE resources to help YOU take control of your pain and health. 

Want to read a topic that interest you? Email me at will@whphysio.ca with your topic and I will do my best to write about it!

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To book an appointment with me give us a call at: 506-454-2002