Top 4 Tips To Build Habits That Stick

running, sport, race- Physiotherapy Will Howatt talks about how to build new habits

How to Build habits:

Habit building may be one of the hardest things that we do. There is a reason why the majority of New Year’s resolutions fail, they are usually not adequately planned and thought through. We simply cannot say “I want to do X more” and go out and do it, it is not sustainable. To build new habits we need to create a foundation for success. 

Are you curious to learn about my top 4 tips that I provide to clients to build habits that stick? See below for the inside scoop! 

#1 Write It Down

When we write down our goals and place it somewhere where we are going to regularly see it, it serves as a constant reminder for us. I know personally when I write something down it makes it feel more “real” and I thus take it more seriously. 

Want to make a habit that sticks? Start by writing it down. 

#2 Practice Self Compassion

Let’s be real. Building habits and sticking to them is hard. We need to go easy on ourselves and cut yourself some slack! Implementing something new in your life is not a linear process and it will often encounter many roadblocks and interruptions. It’s what you do during these times that will set you apart. Are you going to just give up and be hard on yourself? Or will you step back and think of a way around this barrier? Don’t sweat it. We are all human. 

Want to make a habit that sticks? Practice self compassion. 

#3 Tell A Friend

Tell others helps to keep you accountable. Maybe that friend does not have the same goal? No problem simply report your progress to them on a regular basis to hold yourself accountable. 

Want to make a habit that sticks? Tell a friend. 

#4 Reward Yourself

Every. Step. Of. The. Way. 

Let the wins sink in and enjoy it. 

Want to make a habit that sticks? Celebrate each win that you have, big or small. 

About Will:

Will is a Physiotherapist currently working out of East Coast Chiropractic. Will has a passion for helping people achieve their goals and set them up for success. Looking for a Physiotherapist? Will is currently accepting new clients contact us today at 506-454-2004. To learn more about Will click HERE

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